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Andropause Screening

Andropause - and the hormones that matter to men 

The term andropause - otherwise referred to as male menopause and ‘Low T’ is a natural age related condition that some men experience. The andropause transition is attributed to a steady and progressive loss of testicular function that is associated with ageing. Its meaning is derived from the Greek ‘andro’ meaning male, and ‘pause’ to stop.

Symptoms of andropause

The most common symptom of andropause is fatigue, especially in the morning. Other symptoms include, lack of motivation, lowered sperm production, body composition changes, erectile problems, lack of libido, sleep disruption, impaired memory, difficulty concentrating, hot flushes, irritability and mood swings. A diminished ability to play sports are among other symptoms of andropause. 

Is andropause in men similar to menopause in women?

Andropause shares some characteristics with menopause. The similarities are due to the relationship between women’s ovaries, the brain and the pituitary (a pea sized structure at the base of the brain critical to hormones) to the male relationship with testis, the brain and the pituitary.  A major difference however, is that not all men experience andropause. Whereas menopause in women is universal and expected, with the shutting down of hormones at around age 50 being a predictable event.

Men's Vitality Screening Package

At Thomson Wellth Clinic, our Men's Vitality Screening Package can be customised to suit your requirements. All our Andropause tests and consultations are conducted by specialists with more than 20 years of experience in the field. 

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