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Thomson Wellth Clinic - Aesthetic & Body Contouring Services

At Thomson Wellth Clinic at Novena, we also provide specialised screenings and treatments such as andropause screenings, anti-ageing hormone screenings, menopause management and osteoporosis screenings. Aesthetic and body contouring services can also be arranged with INDIBA Active Cell Therapy, a non-invasive treatment effective for targeted fat reduction.

Andropause Screening

As men age, many will experience andropause, or a drop in testosterone levels. This may lead to sexual complications and can have an impact in your lifestyle in your silver years. Our Men’s Vitality Screening Package measures the levels of testosterone and other key hormones, as well as markers for silent diseases that are commonly associated with andropause.

Refer to here for more information.

Anti-Ageing Hormone Screening

Ageing brings about certain changes in your body, which includes the amount of hormones produced and the way they are regulate our bodily functions. These changes can affect your quality of life throughout the years. Our Anti-Ageing Hormone Screenings help to assess the levels of various key hormones which influence the ageing process and are available for both men and women.

By delaying the ageing process as much as possible, we can ensure that you will enjoy health and extended vibrancy, as part of your natural ageing process.

Menopause Management

Menopause is a normal, natural event, associated with reduced functioning of the ovaries due to aging, resulting in lower levels of estrogen and other hormones. It marks the permanent end of fertility. At Thomson Wellth Clinic, our specialist in Menopause Management aims to smoothen the transition of peri-menopausal women into menopause as uneventfully as possible, by managing these symptoms early.

Osteoporosis Screening

A “silent” disease, osteoporosis usually displays no signs or symptoms in the early stages. However, in the later stages, you may experience back pain, loss of height, stooped posture and fractures of the spine, wrists or hips. Through a DEXA scan to check your bone mass density, our doctors can assess your risk and make recommendations for prevention or treatment of osteoporosis.

Aesthetic and Body Contouring Services

Facial and Neck Skin Rejuvenation with Low Level Laser Treatment
Low Level Laser Treatment has powerful stimulating and anti-ageing effects, rejuvenating the skin by creating more collagen. This makes the skin look fuller, younger and more radiant.

Body Contouring with INDIBA Active Cell Therapy
INDIBA Active Cell Therapy is a proven and non-invasive treatment effective for targeted fat reduction and body contouring. During the treatment, radiofrequency energy is delivered to localised areas in the body, shrinking fat cells to achieve the body contour one desires. Meanwhile, the overlying skin will also be tightened to achieve a rejuvenated look.

Skincare Solutions
Our non-invasive medical aesthetic procedures are conducted by Dr Tay Wen Sien, Resident Physician at Thomson Wellth Clinic @ Novena. She offers skincare solutions for: 
  • Acne, Spots and Oily Skin 
  • Anti-Ageing 
  • Dry, Flaky and Inflamed Skin
  • Hypersensitive Skin 
  • Pigment and Dark Marks
  • Scars and Skin Damage
  • Skin Nutrition
  • Sun Protection

Chemical Peel
Dr Tay Wen Sien also offers Chemical Peel treatments, which accelerate the skin's natural process of exfoliation to immediately improve the texture and appearance of the face, neck or hands damaged over time by UV Rays or scarring through acne. Specially formulated acids are applied to target area of the skin, creating a mild superficial burn that causes damaged skin to peel off. The result is a tighter and more even skin. 

Recommendation of Suitable Products

During consultation, our doctors will recommend suitable products as a supplement. One product prescribed by our Consultant Sports Medicine Physician is BioCell Collagen.

Benefits of BioCell Collagen:
  1. Promotes cartilage regeneration and in worn out joints and relieve join pain 
  2. Helps collagen production in the skin, hence reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Prevents cartilage wear in physically active adults
More information about other products can be found here

Heart Health Services

Thomson Cardiology Centre is a cardiac specialist centre situated within Thomson Medical centre that provides evidence-based and cost-effective outpatient medical services covering a comprehensive range of cardiac investigations. More information here.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

At Thomson Chinese Medicine, our team of physicians are bilingual and experienced to treat a range of medical conditions. The holistic treatment adopts an East-meets-West approach that considers underlying conditions of causes of symptoms. More information here.