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Travel Medicine and Vaccines from Thomson Well Women

No matter how much you take care of yourself, illnesses may strike when you least expect them and leave your body in a weakened state. To keep those illnesses at bay and help you stay on the safe side, Thomson Women’s Clinic can serve as your partner in health.

Our medical centre offers travel medicine and vaccination in Singapore. We provide wellness programmes and health services exclusively for women. We develop specialised treatment plans to suit the specific needs and conditions of patients. From preventive care to specialist referrals, our centre has you covered.

Helping Patients Maintain Good Health during Travels

With sudden flu and virus outbreaks, being vigilant of your overall wellbeing has never been more important. At Thomson Well Women, we will help you stay protected from infectious diseases and ensure your body’s immune system remains active during your travels. We offer a wide range of travel medicines, vaccinations and related health services as part of our preventive care programmes. Whether you need routine vaccines or seasonal flu shots, our doctors will ensure you have the right dose to keep you safe before you leave.

Offering Customised Health Screenings

Apart from vaccination, Singapore patients can also rely on Thomson Well Women for health screenings. We offer customised packages to identify risk factors, check for underlying symptoms and monitor your health. We also offer one-to-one consultations and assessments to recommend the best treatment plan for your condition.

Providing Comprehensive Health Advice

Thomson Women’s Clinic believes that providing treatment is not the only way to care for patients; providing updated health care information can also make a difference. As part of our preventive care and vaccination services, we educate patients on how to take care of and protect their health from illnesses or outbreaks. Our doctors offer comprehensive health advice and information on the latest vaccines, cures and treatments.

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Prevention is better than cure. Through health screenings and vaccines, Thomson Women’s Clinic will help you stay right on track when it comes to your health. Contact our centre to set an appointment with our doctors and find out more about our travel medicines and vaccinations.

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