Tummy Tuck Surgery in Singapore – How and What To Prepare?


Do you have too much flab in your abdomen that does not respond to exercise or diet? Then, you may want to consider having a tummy tuck in Singapore. Also known as abdominoplasty, tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that flattens the abdomen by removing excess skin or extra fat and tightening the muscles in the abdominal wall. This procedure is suitable for both men and women who are in good health condition.

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A tummy tuck procedure is an option for women who have had many pregnancies and aspire to get rid of loose skin around the belly. The surgery is also ideal for people who used to be obese and have flab around the abdomen.

After you’ve scheduled a tummy tuck surgery, it is of substantial importance to prepare yourself and your body several weeks before the actual procedure.

Practice Healthy Diet

Good nutrition is highly recommended if you are scheduled for a tummy tuck in Singapore. You should eat well-balanced and healthy meals to help your overall well-being. Avoid overeating, crash dieting, under eating, or consuming too much alcohol as these can affect the recovering process. You may also start taking a multivitamin once a day to help prepare your body for the procedure. Staying healthy and having more nutrients in the body can make the healing process faster.

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Don’t Smoke

Do you smoke? Smoking is not advisable if you will be undergoing a tummy tuck surgery. Smoking can impair the ability of the body to heal properly and fully as the nicotine impacts the flow of the blood to the skin, which can cause complications during the healing process. Patients are advised to be nicotine free for at least four weeks before the scheduled procedure. This includes nicotine patches and other nicotine-based products. Thus, it is important to refrain from smoking a few weeks prior to the surgery.

Be Wary Of Illness

Patient must try to stay healthy as possible before and after the procedure. This is why it is essential to have a healthy diet and proper exercise to avoid catching a virus and getting sick. Be wary of any signs of an illness such as infections, colds, boils, or pustules. If you noticed symptoms of any of these diseases before the surgery, you should report it to your doctor so he or she can prescribe the right medications to treat the illness without causing possible complications to the procedure. Don’t hesitate to inform the doctor who will perform the tummy tuck in Singapore about the illness or medications you’re taking.

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Plan For Your Surgery Day

A few weeks prior to your surgery day, make sure you have scheduled time off from work or any other activities you usually do. Ask someone (family member, relative or friend) to drive you to the hospital on the day of the procedure and to pick you up after the tummy tuck procedure. Otherwise, you can opt to grab a cab to and from the hospital. Furthermore, you should find someone who can help and support you after the surgery with regards to household chores, grocery shopping, child care, and driving if needed. During the recovery period, the patient can’t perform strenuous works to make the healing faster.

Prepare Right Clothing

Check your closet for loose-fitting clothes that don’t need to be put on overhead. If you don’t have these types of clothing, you should shop for a few pieces before the procedure. The best clothes to wear at home while recovering are comfortable button-top and pull on pants. In addition, you should wear easy-to-slip-on flat house slippers or shoes after having the tummy tuck in Singapore.