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5 Simple Weight Loss Tips


Weight Loss Programme

The aim for a weight loss program is for FAT LOSS with INCREASE MUSCLE MASS. This is not just important aesthetically but also important for health reasons. Before embarking on a weight loss programme, it is advisable to go for a health check-up as there are many silent diseases associated with Obesity which should be screened for. There are also diseases that may be the cause of the obesity. This may be especially relevant in someone who may be eating right and exercising with no significant weight loss. During the weight loss programme, calorie intake and expenditure will be discussed. Dietary plans, supplements and medications may be suggested. Exercise routines will be mapped out according to the patient’s physical ability & interest. Patient’s Beliefs & Perceptions that led to the lifestyle choices leading to obesity should also be discussed and addressed to ensure success of weight loss.

Below are 5 simple weight loss tips:

√ Drink More Water ~ 500mls before each meal. – Promotes satiety, maintains hydration, flushes toxins, 0 calories. – May want to improve the taste of water by adding a little unsweetened juice.

√ Avoid Alcohol as it will often increase appetite. – Alcoholic beverages itself also contains significant amount of calories.

√ Sleep Sufficiently ~ 7 to 8 hours per night. – Insufficient sleep tends to trigger intense appetite & snacking behaviour.

√ Reduce Stress ~ Many eat to manage feelings ~ Emotional Eating. – Management of Time & Deadlines. – Take Time off to relax & exercise.

√ Chew More & Focus on your food while eating – Produces a “Meal Memory” as compared to those that watch TV or read while eating.

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