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Debunking 5 Myths Regarding Health Checkups In Singapore

Regular medical checkups are key to protecting Singaporeans’ health, yet many of us are reluctant and avoid them due to various myths and misconceptions. We address 5 of the most common ones regarding
health checkups in Singapore, and share the truth about them.


doctor conducting a health check up on a young adult

Myth 1: Health checkups are for older people.

Many people believe that health checkups are only required for older people. It is common for young people in the pink of health to be struck by chronic conditions such as elevated cholesterol, diabetes or hypertension, due to either family history or other environmental conditions such as a poor diet or constant work stress. In severe cases, it may even lead to chronic disabilities or even premature death.

Young and healthy individuals are encouraged to sign up for basic health screening packages, which include blood tests that measure sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as a body index analysis and urine investigations. They help to screen for the onset of chronic conditions, allowing patients ample time to adjust their lifestyles or seek treatment.

Myth 2: Health checkups are unnecessary if one feels fine.

Singaporeans live in a fast-paced society, and many of us delay regular medical checkups until we exhibit negative symptoms. Often, seeking treatment may be too late, particularly for conditions such as cancer which are far harder to treat during later stages where metastasis has occurred.

Older individuals aged 40 and above are recommended to undergo additional comprehensive checkups, even if they are currently feeling well. Many underlying conditions develop without exhibited symptoms until they become severe, and early detection helps to increase the efficacy of treatments while saving on costs. Some tests include screening for cancer markers, ultrasound tests to screen for internal organ conditions, as well as measuring bone mineral density for osteoporosis.

Myth 3: Regular health checkups are unnecessary.

Singaporeans unfamiliar with health checkups may assume that undergoing a health checkup once without major issues means that there is no need for subsequent and regular checkups. In reality, our bodies undergo various changes across the years, with different genders being susceptible to certain cancers and conditions even if one’s past screenings were fine. Furthermore, each screening provides a baseline for doctors to assess patients’ health during subsequent screenings, allowing them to more accurately diagnose and suggest treatments.

Thomson Wellth offers specialised checkups for a variety of patients based on age and gender. Women are encouraged to undergo regular breast and cervical cancer screening through routine mammograms and pap smear tests, while men are encouraged to screen for prostate and colon cancer as well as heart diseases.

Myth 4: Health checkups are expensive.

Many Singaporeans may perceive health checkups as expensive and unnecessary, which can lead to a downward cycle of delayed detection and greater financial costs for treatment. In truth, health checkups are affordable and tailor-made to one’s specific needs, reducing unnecessary expenses while ensuring patients receive quality screening and care.

From our basic to comprehensive and specialised screening packages, Thomson Wellth’s checkups offer flexibility for how elaborate patients desire their screenings to be, allowing quality care at affordable rates. 

Myth 5: Health checkups are uncomfortable and tedious.

Many Singaporeans have the mindset that medical checkups involve numerous elaborate and invasive procedures that result in significant discomfort and pain. In reality, reputable medical clinics, such as Thomson Wellth, have a team of experienced and caring staff, helping to alleviate anxiety and discomfort. Our spacious and accessible clinic provides patients a comfortable and hassle-free checkup experience, featuring comprehensive testing, such as medical examination, ultrasound, X-ray, and mammogram tests in a single location.

Besides a comprehensive examination, Thomson Wellth’s health checkups also comprises consultations before the test, and the reviewing of results with our experienced doctors after the test, making sure every patient can learn something about their health after their checkup to continue living a healthy lifestyle. 

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