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Shape Your Body with INDIBA® Active Cell Therapy

What is body contouring or shaping?

The aim of body contouring is to improve the appearance of the body by reducing body fat and tightening excess or sagging skin. There are varied reasons why the skin may start to sag – it could be the result of ageing, significant weight loss, a health condition or childbirth. There are also a plethora of body contouring treatments. Choosing the right method for your body and understanding how it works can ensure the best results in the shortest time.

Body contouring is used to contour and shape the abdomen, waist, thighs, buttocks, upper torso and the arms. It is intended to reduce or remove excess fat and cellulite.  Although surgical methods such as tummy tucks and liposuction are common procedures, complication free non-surgical methods are becoming the preferred option. It is a trend that is gaining momentum worldwide and is now the fastest growing area of aesthetic medicine (Kennedy et al, 2015).

However, some of the commonly used non-surgical methods still require patients to endure minor discomfort during the treatment. In addition, following a procedure there can be some bruising and soreness (Kennedy et al, 2015). Initial improvements may also take weeks or months. In contrast, INDIBA Active Cell Therapy provides rapid results and is pain free without side effects.   

What is INDIBA Active Cell Therapy?

INDIBA Active Cell Therapy is unique among the non-surgical methods available for body and face contouring. In facial sculpting, it is extremely effective in skin tightening and in wrinkle treatment (double chin correction & skin laxity on face neck and other areas). In body shaping or contouring, INDIBA Active Cell Therapy is particularly effective in reducing or removing fat from the abdomen thighs and buttocks. Also in upper arms tightening and in cellulite reduction (through mobilization of local fat and reduction of fatty nodules). In treating cellulite INDIBA Active Cell Therapy energy dissipates the superficial layers of fat and fibrous tissue that produce the unsightly rippling effect. It is also used in post liposuction treatment in smoothing out contours and tightening excess skin.

The body’s response at the cellular level – during INDIBA Active Cell Therapy

INDIBA Active Cell Therapy works by releasing a unique Radio Frequency (448 KHz) ofenergy that is directed into targeted areas of the skin’s dermis and subdermal layer. The therapy produces bio-stimulation for metabolism activation and cell maintenance. This occurs through increased blood circulation in the extracellular matrix stimulating an increase in the production of collagen.

There is also improved microcirculation (cellular oxygenation reduces with age) and increased hyperactivation. The overall effect is to trigger tissue detoxification, waste drainage and *neocollagenis (an increase of nutrients to the fibroblasts that produce tropocollagen a forerunner of collagen). This process results in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, the protein in connective tissue.

Using INDIBA Active Cell Therapy the triglycerides (that store excess fat) are converted to glycerol and free fatty acids. These are moved from of cells and excreted in the normal way. The thermal, deep penetration and warming effect of INDIBA Active Cell Therapy enhances normal lipolysis and fat reduction. Its thermal energy penetrates deep into the subcutaneous tissue to impact the adipose (fat storage) tissue. The treatment triggers an immediate improvement in skin laxity, oxygen flow and moisture. Deep fat cells rapidly lose their fat volume, and liquid retention is reduced. INDIBA Active Cell Therapy is effective on stubborn fatty deposits, where the results of successful body contouring are often most noticeable.

The treatment

Unlike other methods INDIBA Active Cell Therapy works by enhancing the body’s metabolic pathways without disrupting normal cell physiology. The INDIBA treatment gradually and homogenously generates heat at selected areas of the body. The procedure triggers biological responses that lead to tissue regeneration which enables body contouring to take place. The INDIBA Active Cell Therapy shapes the targeted areas by shrinking fat cells and tightening the overlying skin. This not only reduces fat but improves skin elasticity by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. When the layers of fat that produce collagen are repeatedly heated with INDIBA Active Cell Therapy, the body begins to naturally increase its production of collagen. The affects can become long lasting or permanent. 

How is the treatment applied?

INDIBA Active Cell Therapy combines two treatment modes. A capacitive mode that focuses on soft tissues, and a resistive mode for thick, fat and fibrotic tissues. When the treatment is applied to a specific area, it enables the correct movement of ions through the cell membrane. This works through its unique Radio Frequency and a gradual increase in the skins temperature. It is painless and without adverse effects to the skin’s external layer. Harmless electrodes are applied to the skin and a soft massaging action is used.  During treatment heat is safely generated and patients experience a pleasant warming sensation as the unwanted fat is broken down, and collagen fibres are tightened. INDIBA Active Cell Therapy is used on all skin types without risk of complications. The number of sessions needed is adapted to the needs of each patient. Each treatment takes just 30 – 45 minutes.

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