In view of the Covid-19 situation, enhanced precautionary measures are in place to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients.
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Medical aesthetics is a speciality that focuses on improving cosmetic appearance through the treatment of conditions including acne scars, ageing skin, wrinkles, pigmentation, excess fat, cellulite and unwanted facial hair, 

Our medical and aesthetic doctors and therapists are dedicated to delivering the results you desire as we are committed to the latest technologies and best practices. We offer safe, effective, and affordable medical and aesthetic services and treatments such as skin tightening, face lifting and wrinkles removal for a confident and youthful you.


With every condition we treat, we make sure that your initial assessment sessions with our medical and aesthetic specialists are accurate and proper. From skin treatments to minimally invasive procedures such as nose augmentation, we ensure proper procedures are carried out by our Singapore-based specialists.


For every treatment we provide, we ensure that your initial diagnosis are accurate and right. Our medical and aesthetic specialists assess your medical history, identify issues and discuss your needs to ensure optimal results. Be sure to follow the aftercare guidelines after each session such as skin pigmentation treatments.


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Dr Magdalene Liau

Chelsea Aesthetics @ Thomson Wellth

Dr Caroline Low Bee Leng | Preventive-aging medicine, Health Screening | Health and Wellness Experts in Singapore

Dr Caroline Low

Visiting Consultant

Dr Evan Woo | Plastic Surgeon, Visiting Consultant | Health and Wellness Experts in Singapore

Dr Evan Woo

Visiting Consultant