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Saggy Skin


Ultherapy® is the only US FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that lifts and tightens the neck, jawline and brow, by delivering high intensity ultrasound energy to the skin’s foundation layer – the layer that is typically targeted in surgical facelifts – without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin. This energy triggers the skin’s natural healing response, triggering a regenerative process that produces new collagen.

Aging face, sunken appearance, loose skin, heavy jowls, double chin, deep nasolabial folds, depressed brows

While some patients observe an immediate lift right after the procedure, the real results of Ultherapy is seen at 2-3 months post procedure as the new collagen works to lift and tighten skin especially over the brows, lower face and neck; making the face appear naturally lifted, slimmer and “smaller”, while significantly improving the appearance of jowling, deep nasolabial folds, and double chin.


SculpSure is the world’s first US-FDA cleared laser treatment for non-invasive lipolysis, designed to safely and effectively eliminate unwanted fat cells. SculpSure’s patented 1060nm wavelength laser has a specific affinity for adipose tissue, ensuring that maximal energy is delivered to the fat cells, disrupting and destroying them; while minimal energy is absorbed by skin and surrounding structures, ensuring that they remain unharmed.

Abdomen, flanks, back, inner thighs, outer thighs, arms, bra-fat, submental (double chin) area

Permanent reduction of fat in specific target areas without surgery or downtime.

BTL Exilis Elite

The BTL Exilis Elite treatment uses a combination of radiofrequency energy, ultrasound and skin cooling to stimulate fat breakdown and collagen remodelling. Controlled heating targets deep tissue, addresses sagging skin and helps contour the body.

Temple Rejuvenation

Hollow, sunken temples

Temples appear fuller. Smooth, natural curvature restored. Eyebrows on the side closer to the temples are lifted.

Hollow temples make a patient appear old and gaunt. Rejuvenating the temples returns the patient a youthful appearance, while the added effect of a lateral brow lift makes the patient’s eyes appear more “open”, and resultantly more energetic.

In more mature patients or patients who have less bony support in the temple area, fillers can be combined with the collagen stimulator Ellanse, for even better results, that will also last longer.


Threadlifts are minimally-invasive procedures in which thin and dissolvable threads are injected under the skin to lift and reverse the effects of sagging skin.

Radiofrequency treatments

Radiofrequency treatments delivery pulses through an insulated micro-needle array to specific depths in the skin. The energy serves to trigger the skin’s natural healing response, triggering a regenerative process that produces new collagen.

Chin Augmentation

Short chin, recessive (pointing backwards on side view) chin, asymmetrical chin, cobblestone chin, short or squarish lower face

Chin lengthened and projected forward, to as close as possible to the ideal chin based on proportions of face and patient preferences. Asymmetry of chin corrected – sometimes, this makes the face appear more symmetrical as well. Cobblestone appearance partially to completely resolves. Lower face appears less squarish, slimmer, more defined, and in better proportion with the face.

Genetically, Asians tend to have smaller and weaker bony support in the chin area, leading to the undesirable appearance of a short and recessive chin, and/or a lower face that is disproportionately short compared to the rest of the face. By providing support to this area through chin augmentation, facial proportions can be optimised in both front and profile views. In women, the lower face curves sweetly and continues naturally with the gentle oval of the chin for an ideal V-shaped face. In men, the lower face appears more angular and chiselled with a more powerful and pronounced chin, giving a more masculine and authoritative appearance. In both women and men, attention is brought towards the centre of the face, making face appear slimmer, and more defined.

Threadlift to the neck can lift and tighten skin just under the jawline, which will further define the jawline while reducing the appearance of a double chin, acting as an ideal complement to chin augmentation for sculpting and contouring the lower face.

Selective fat Pad Rejuvenation

Under the face are multiple fat pads that are continuous with each other. To put simply, some of these fat pads help to lift and support the face, while other fat pads “weigh” the face down. As we age, we lose fat and collagen in the areas that provide support, while the effects of gravity worsens the dependent areas further, giving rise to the appearance of hollow temples and cheeks, sunken tear troughs, deep nasolabial folds and sagging jowls.

Combining a modern understanding of injection anatomy with advanced HA fillers with strong lifting capabilities, we are now able to selectively rejuvenate fat pads that in turn provide support to the dependent areas of the face, delivering for our patients a naturally lifted, youthful and vibrant appearance, that is safe, effective, and consistent over the years.

There is no perfect filler, but there are bad ones

Nowadays, a whole lot of science, research, and safety testing goes into every syringe of filler. On the contrary, a budget or unlicensed filler has little of those, commonly leading to unsatisfactory results or results that do not last, even potential complications. Amongst premium and reputable fillers, each product has its own unique properties, making it ideal for certain areas of the face, but unsuitable for others. For example, a product that is ideal for revolumising and lifting hollow and sunken cheeks, will feel hard and lumpy if injected in the lips.

At Thomson Wellth Aesthetics Clinic, we use only premium fillers that are well studied, rigorously tested, licensed and approved. We carry a full range of fillers from soft to strong, stretchable to rigid, to ensure that the most ideal filler will always be used for your treatment.

Preauricular lift or "Jowl Lift"

Hollowing under cheek bones, heavy jowls, saggy jawline

Hollowing or shadowing under cheek bones appear less prominent, healthy natural curvature restored to the side of the face. Jowls and lifted and jawline appears more defined. Face appears slimmer and more sculpted.

Very prominent, bony looking cheek bones with a sharp hollowing below is considered beautiful in many Middle Eastern countries, and is popular in Western culture as the “model” look. However, on an Asian face, it makes the person look old, gaunt, and fierce. Restoring a healthy, natural curvature to the side of the face brings the face closer to the Asian ideal of a reverse egg-shaped or heart shaped face, which confers a youthful, sweeter, and more approachable appearance.

The preauricular lift or “jowl lift” is a frequently requested procedure at Thomson Wellth Aesthetics Clinic, as fillers are placed in an area traditionally targeted by plastic surgeons doing surgical facelifts. Selective rejuvenation of this area provides excellent support to the lower face, lifting and contouring the jawline, while improving the appearance of jowling. In patients with very heavy jowls or very saggy lower faces, this can be combined with thread lift that specifically targets lifting of the jowls, and/or non-invasive energy based devices such as Ultherapy or Venus Legacy, for even better lifting and support, that also lasts longer.

Mid face lift

Flat, deflated cheeks, deep nasolabial folds, heavy jowls, prominent Marionette lines, saggy and droopy appearance.

Cheeks appear fuller and lifted. Apex of cheek is restored to a higher position and in accordance to the cheek bones, conferring a youthful appearance. Selective re-inflation of specific fat pads that provide structural support to the rest of the face helps lift the nasolabial folds, jowls and Marionette lines, while also providing support to the tear troughs. This lift naturally and effectively improves the appearance of the aforementioned areas, which may then be further improved by direct injections, if still required.

Lifted and rejuvenated cheeks appear youthful and healthy, while restoration of the high point of the cheeks reflects light in a way that highlights the cheekbones in the front view, while restoring the natural Ogee curve in the oblique view, once again conferring a youthful and sculpted appearance.

Possibly the most important area for facial rejuvenation with fillers, the Mid Face Lift goes beyond simply rejuvenating the cheeks, to providing structural support for dependent and saggy areas of the face. As fillers stimulate natural collagen production in the areas it is injected, the face remains lifted even after the fillers have gone, due to the lift provided by the increased natural collagen in areas of the face that provide support.

In more mature patients or patients with a greater element of fat or loose skin, the Mid Face Lift can be further enhanced through combination with thread lift procedures that can provide superior mechanical support, and/or non-invasive energy based devices such as Ultherapy or Venus Legacy, to further lift the face and tighten skin. Combination therapy often means less of each product is required, which translates to lower costs and potential risks, results that appear even more natural, and results that last longer, due to synergistic effects on collagen stimulation.


Profhilo is a 100% pure Hyaluronic Acid anti-ageing procedure that addresses skin laxity and bio-stimulates collagen, elastin and adipocytes (fat) stem cells that were lost as a result of ageing. It is clinically proven for its safety, efficacy and bio-compatibility. Profhilo is in-between a filler and skinbooster as it is formulated with a patented NAHYCO Hybrid Technology. This unique technology binds both high and low molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, without the use of chemical cross-linked agents which decreases the chance of inflammation.

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid provides the skin with volume, like what a filler does.
Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid immensely boosts the skin’s moisture levels, just like a Skinbooster.

As opposed to Skinboosters, whereby multiple micro injections are done, Profhilo requires 5 unique injection points per side of the face. These points are known as Bio Aesthetic Points or simply BAP. Using the BAP technique, diffusion of the product is optimized with minimal pain and downtime.

radicals that damage the skin.

Ageing skin, acne scars, sunken appearance

2 sessions are required for optimal results and are to be done 1 month apart. For maintenance purposes, the treatment can be done once every 6-9 months. There is an improvement in overall skin quality and the skin is lifted, firmed and tightened. Appearance of acne scars are also reduced as Profhilo repairs damaged tissue caused by acne.

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