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Thin Lips

Lip Rejuvenation

Thin lips, involuted (turned inwards) lips, flat lips, dry or cracked lips, fine lines on lips

Lip volume restored, proportion between upper and lower lip optimised based on facial proportions and patient preferences. Cupid’s bow, philtrum columns, lower lip pearls and/or pouts can be created or optimised based on patient preferences and suitability. Lips appear plumper and hydrated. Fine lines on lips improve or disappear.

It is a myth that only Caucasian women are suitable for lip augmentation, or that lip augmentation means huge, overdone, “plastic” looking lips. As we age, our lips lose volume, become thinner, and turn inwards, leaving an old and haggard appearance. Restoring volume and proportion to lips, turning them back out slightly, hydrating and smoothening them naturally restores the appearance of the lips to the way they looked when the patient was younger, which can significantly rejuvenate a patient’s look, making her appear more youthful, happy, and desirable.

At Thomson Wellth Aesthetics Clinic, we understand that lip augmentation is unique as the lips are not just seen but also felt (kissed), while constant contact (eating) can degrade a filler faster , giving rise to results that do not last. Therefore, we combine different fillers with unique properties to ensure optimum and natural results both visually as well as to touch, that are also long lasting. For example, we use a filler with strong lifting capabilities, Juvederm Volift, to provide strong foundations and lasting results. We layer it over with a filler of excellent elasticity, Juvederm Volbella, for results that look and feel natural. Finally, we use a filler that specifically targets skin hydration, Juvederm Volite, for a plump and hydrated finish.

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