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Meet the experts behind the healthcare treatments we provide to our clients. From sports and musculoskeletal medicine, to health screening, aesthetic treatments and services; Thomson Wellth Clinic is committed to providing quality medical services and treatments for you. Navigate to one of our sections below to see the various services we have to offer.

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Dr Derek Koh
Head, Health Screening

MBBS (Singapore), GDFM (Singapore)

Dr Koh heads Thomson Wellth Clinic, practicing preventive medicine through tailored health screenings & wellness programmes including the management of Andropause, Menopause and Obesity.

Graduating in 1992 with a basic medical degree and subsequently received his post-graduate diploma in Family Medicine, both from the National University of Singapore, Dr Koh is also Board Certified in Anti-ageing Medicine and has attained his Fellowship with the American Board of Anti-Ageing and Rejuvenation Medicine.

He has completed local certifications in Practical Andrology conducted by the Academy of Men’s Health (Singapore) as well as post graduate training in Nutritional Protocols accredited by the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine. Dr Koh is an EIMS-certified physician in Exercise Prescription, an initiative launched by the American College of Sports Medicine.

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Dr Derek Koh | Head, Health screening | Health and Wellness Experts in Singapore
Dr Tan Wen Sien | Resident Physician, Health Screening | Health and Wellness Experts in Singapore

Dr Tay Wen Sien
Resident Physician, Health Screening

BM (UK), GDFM (Singapore), Dip Dermatology (Singapore)

Dr Tay is a Resident Physician at Thomson Wellth Clinic. She graduated from the University of Southampton, UK in 1999 with a Bachelors’ Degree in Medicine and went on to complete both the Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine & Graduate Diploma in Dermatology from the University of Singapore.

Dr Tay is an accredited Family Physician with the Family Physician Accreditation Board (Singapore). She started her career as a resident doctor in the Singapore Government Polyclinics practicing Family Medicine, attending to both acute & chronic illnesses for adults as well as children. She further spent a year at a Geriatric Medicine department to hone her skills in elderly care.

Moving on to private practice since 2007, Dr Tay has been practicing preventive medicine through health screening and chronic disease management.

Dr Tay also has a special interest in non-invasive aesthetic procedures including Botox, Chemical Peel and Skin Booster.

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Sports and
Musculoskeletal Medicine

Dr Chiam Tut Fu
Medical Director, Consultant Sports Medicine Physician

MBBS (Singapore), MSS (Sports Medicine), MMed (Occupational Medicine), GD (Occupational Medicine)

Dr Chiam Tut Fu obtained his MBBS and Masters of Medicine (Occupational Medicine) from the National University of Singapore. He was also the year’s top student with a Masters in Sports Science (Sports Medicine) from the United States Sports Academy.

Being an accredited Specialist in Sports Medicine with Ministry of Health and Singapore Medical Council, he is also a consultant to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) in Sports Medicine and helped the SAF design the criteria for medical classification and grading.
Dr Chiam specialises in the management of musculoskeletal pain due to sports injuries or age-related degenerative and orthopaedic conditions and myofascial causes like trigger points. He uses a wide range of latest evidence-based treatment modalities in his practice like platelet rich plasma therapy and low level laser treatment. He also has a special interest in weight management and smoking cessation.

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Contact Dr Chiam directly at [email protected].

Dr Chiam Tut Fu Medical Director, Consultant Sports Medicine Physician | Health and Wellness Experts in Singapore
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