Individuals who have been vaccinated with three doses of the Sinopharm or Sinovac vaccines are strongly urged to receive their fourth vaccine dose for the minimum level of protection against COVID-19.

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Our Story

Thomson Wellth is the lifestyle destination of choice that aims to be your life-long health partner, offering a comprehensive range of lifestyle and health services and products tailored for you at every stage of your life. Backed by 40 years of medical expertise under Singapore’s leading healthcare provider  – Thomson Medical Group – we are committed to help you achieve wellness in your life and prolong your health span. 

Our flagship multi-speciality centre integrates our resources across the areas of treatment, management and prevention in a single location to ensure seamless referrals to other specialist care. A medical checkup clinic and also a sports medicine centre, you will find a range of services including health screening, musculoskeletal health, medical aesthetics, Traditional Chinese Medicine and fertility.

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