Sinovac Covid-19 Vaccination - Thomson Wellth
Sinovac Covid-19 Vaccination - Thomson Wellth

Sinovac COVID-19 Vaccination in Singapore


The Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) has selected 24 private clinics across the island to administer Sinovac vaccines to eligible individuals. The Sinovac vaccine has been secured through the Special Access Route (SAR) with selected healthcare providers drawing upon MOH’s existing Sinovac stock.

新加坡卫生部在全岛的范围内选择了24家诊所来为适合的个人注射科兴疫苗。私人医疗业者通过特别采用程序(Special Access Route, 简称SAR)来使用卫生部现有的库存的科兴疫苗。

Sinovac Vaccination: What you need to know

  • Inactivated vaccine

Inactivated vaccines utilises technology that has been proven to work for centuries. It works similarly to Hepatitis A, flu or polio vaccines.

  • It uses your own antibodies against COVID-19

Sinovac works by triggering the body’s immune system to generate antibodies to fight against COVID-19.

  • Administered in two doses

The Sinovac vaccine is administered in two doses, with a period of three to four weeks between the doses.

Who is eligible for the Sinovac vaccine?

  • Eligible for use in adults 18 years and older;
  • Singapore citizens, permanent residents and long-term visit pass holders;
  • And individuals who have not received any dose of any COVID-19 vaccine.

Important Note: As the Sinovac vaccine is administered under the Special Access Route (SAR) scheme and is not part of the National Vaccination Program, the Ministry of Health has reiterated that for non-assigned patients, they will not be covered under the Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Program for COVID-19 Vaccination.


  • 18岁以上的成年人均可;
  • 新加坡公民、永久居民、持有长期居住准证的居民;
  • 以及还没有注射任何新冠肺炎(COVID-19)疫苗的居民。


Cost of Sinovac vaccine at Thomson Wellth Clinic

  • For Assigned Patients by the Ministry of Health (proof of documentation required): Cost of the vaccination will be borne by the Government.
  • For Non-Assigned Patients: $20 per dose of vaccine, price inclusive of 7% GST. Each patient requires 2 doses of vaccine.
Important Note: For both assigned and non-assigned patients, do note that patients would have to pay for any costs associated with treatment arising from any adverse effects from the vaccination.

在Thomson Wellth Clinic注射科兴疫苗的花费


注意事项: 对于卫生部指定注射科兴疫苗的病人和非卫生部指定注射科兴疫苗的病人来说,对于在注射时出现副作用而需要其他治疗的费用,都有病人自己承担。

Registration for the Sinovac vaccine with online form

Due to the high demand for COVID-19 vaccinations in Singapore and limited vaccine supplies, limited vaccination slots are available.

Only eligible candidates with completed registration forms and the necessary documentary evidence will be contacted by our clinic for confirmation of appointment. All Sinovac vaccination enquiries to will not be entertained.

We seek your understanding and patience as we navigate this COVID-19 crisis together.



我们的诊所只会联络已填妥报名表格及出示必要文件证明的个人,以确认预约。向 提出的所有科兴疫苗接种咨询将不予受理。