Individuals may choose to receive the Sinopharm vaccine as part of their primary series vaccination or as a booster dose.

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The Importance of
regular medical Checkups

Maintaining good health is key to improving our quality of life. That is why going for regular medical checkups in Singapore is so important – they can help to detect health issues that will require prompt treatment or evaluate risk factors to encourage us to make lifestyle adjustments.

At Thomson Wellth Clinic, we provide a variety of comprehensive medical checkups and customised health screening packages based on each individual’s risk assessment and health status.

Trained and experienced, our medical care professionals will help one conduct thorough health checkup assessments in a conducive and comfortable environment. Book an appointment today to care and screen for health.


As we age, problems caused by our hectic lifestyles during our younger days may manifest. With early health screenings, we are able to uncover health issues in advance to facilitate early diagnosis and treatment, and improve quality of life.


We have a full complement of in-house specialist doctors at Thomson Dental Centre and Thomson Specialist Dentistry whom you can have access to all areas of dentistry. You can get the best treatment by our dentists who are passionate about their specialties and are genuinely concerned about your well-being.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

At Thomson Chinese Medicine, our team of physicians are bilingual and experienced to treat a range of medical conditions. The holistic treatment adopts an East-meets-West approach that considers underlying conditions of causes of symptoms.

Specialist referrals

Our commitment at Thomson Wellth Clinic is to you. To address specific health concerns, we offer specialist referrals and consultation services. Our medical personnel are well-trained in their specific field of diagnosis and will always tend to your every need.

Our Health Screening Experts

Thomson Wellth Clinic has a team of health checkup experts, ranging from doctors to nurses and clinic staff. Our team is always ready to offer patients a comfortable health screening experience. Our doctors, in particular, have had years of experience in conducting medical checkups and practising preventive medicine in Singapore, so patients can be assured that they will be in good hands. Find out more about our doctors and what they can do for you when you come for a health screening.

Dr Derek Koh | Head, Health screening | Health and Wellness Experts in Singapore

Dr Derek Koh

Head, Health Screening

Dr Tan Wen Sien | Resident Physician, Health Screening | Health and Wellness Experts in Singapore

Dr Tay Wen Sien

Resident Physician, Health Screening