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Thomson Wellth has developed a range of pre-blended supplements for Bone & Joint Health, Urinary Tract Health and Advanced Cholesterol Support. The supplements come in micro-sized tablets, making them easy to consume, and readily absorbed by the body. Created through patented German technology, they are free of artificial colouring and flavouring, preservatives, lactose and gluten.

Thomson Wellth supplements are available at Thomson Wellth Clinic, Thomson Medical Centre Pharmacy and online at Thomsonbaby.com.

Also available at Thomson Wellth Clinic is Personal Blend, which is a pre-blended supplement containing all the required nutritional value and health benefits, unique to each individual’s healthcare needs. In addition, Lifestyle Supplements including the Men’s Vitality Formula and Women’s Wellness Formula can also be prescribed.

NR + R Anti Aging Supplement


For longevity and healthy cellular energy production


bone and joint health supplements
Bone & Joint Health +
A potent supplement blend that includes 28 activated B-Complex vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that improve your body’s ability to absorb calcium, build bone density and strength, as well as promote a comfortable range of motion.


Advanced cholesterol health support supplements

Advanced Cholesterol Support

A combination of red yeast rice extract 3%, Coenzyme Q10, Emblica, as well as over 20 fruits and greens that work together to lower ‘bad’ cholesterol while raising ‘good’ cholesterol. This supplement supports cardiovascular health and promotes antioxidation.
Supplements 1

Personal Blend by Thomson Wellth Clinic

Customise supplements unique to your needs, prescribed by our health screening doctors. Made in Germany by renowned ROEHR™ Pharmaceuticals, each Personal Blend supplement bottle will contain all the required nutritional value and health benefits, unique to your healthcare needs. This supplement contains 2mm x 2mm micro-size tablets which are easy to consumer so that nutrients are readily absorbed by the body.
Men's Vitality Formula health supplements

Men’s Vitality Formula

Supporting the wellness of men, this formula provides energy and drive, maintains prostrate and hair health, as well as promote healthy hormonal balance. It also supports healthy and optimal cellular repair and maintenance, sustaining healthy anti-inflammatory responses. 

Women's Wellness Formula health supplements
Women’s Wellness Formula

This supplement helps women regulate healthy hormonal level, functions and metabolism. It also supports healthy and optimal cellular repair and maintenance, sustaining healthy anti-inflammatory responses.

Supplements 2

Every Woman® II

Made with organic vegetables and herbs, this convenient whole-food multivitamin is formulated for women above 40. It addresses nutrient deficiencies and promote optimal health conditions, as well as support the heart, vision, breast and hormone health. 

Supplements 3

Eye Repair

This comprehensive formula supports vascular health within the eyes and other age-related eye problems. It contains powerful antioxidants that protect the retina and muscular health from light-induced damage and oxidative stress. The extracts from berries are beneficial for night time visual acuity too.

Supplements 4

Skin Repair

This unique formula contains nutrients that boost skin health and appearances. Ingredients within this supplement improve skin elasticity and moisture retention, protect the skin against UV rays from the sun and other oxidative damages, reduce inflammation while supporting healthy cell repair and growth, as well as combat signs of wrinkles and pigmentation.

Supplements 5

Weight Management

All-natural and multi-action, this formula helps to combat fat accumulation and modulate appetite. It also helps to raise metabolic rate, increase calorie burning and fat breakdown, thereby ensuring a lean body mass. Additionally, this supplement is proven to have anti-ageing benefits.