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The Do’s & Don’ts Before Going For Your Health Check-Up


Planning to go for a health check-up in Singapore may seem like something you can decide to do on a whim since making an appointment is quick and easy. 

But in reality, there is more that needs to be done and things that you need to avoid doing at the same time before a medical check-up

If you are planning for a health check-up soon, referring to this guide for the do’s and don’ts will be helpful to ensure you are ready and will make the process a breeze. 

The do’s before your health check-up

1. Fast for 8 hours

Ensure you fast for at least 8 hours prior to your medical check-up appointment because the vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins in food and beverages will impact your blood level readings. Fasting is necessary for test results to be as accurate as possible. However, depending on the type of check-up you are going for, blood tests may not be required so there is no need to fast beforehand.

2. Bring your past medical records

It is advisable to bring any past medical records, scan results and even a list of the medications you are currently taking so that the doctors can refer to them for a more accurate analysis.

3. Stop taking certain medications

You may have to stop taking beta-blocker medications that reduce blood pressure for one to two days or diabetes medication on the day of your health check-up. It is recommended to consult your doctor for a clearer understanding of which medications you will need to stop taking. 

4. Schedule your health check-up appointment 5 days before or after your period

If your health check-up includes a pap smear, urine or stool test, take note to schedule your appointment at least 5 days before or after your period to prevent any inaccuracies in the test result.

5. Get enough sleep

Getting a good night’s rest the day before your appointment is imperative as a lack of sleep can cause your  blood pressure levels to fluctuate, influencing the test result in return.

6. Avoid wearing perfume or deodorant

Metallic substances in deodorant may show up in images and look like calcifications – a sign of an underlying issue in the breast tissues. Hence, to prevent confusion, it is advisable to avoid applying any substances (perfume, deodorant, lotion and cream) to your chest and underarms before a mammogram. 

Schedule Your Health Check-up

The don’ts before your health check-up

1.  Partake in exercises or strenuous activities

Exercises or strenuous activities right before your health check-up raises your heart rate and drops your potassium levels – two things you do not want as they may affect your test results. 

2. Consume alcohol and caffeinated drinks

Alcohol and caffeinated drinks may cause some irregularities in your test results and raise blood pressure levels as well. Thus, avoiding them at least 24 hours before a health check-up gives you peace of mind that the results are accurate.

3. Wear restrictive clothing

Most health check-ups include blood tests and X-rays that will require easy access to your arms or the need for you to undress so appropriate clothing is required. Wear something with short sleeves and easy to remove for a hassle-free process. 

4. Go for X-rays if you are pregnant

It is advisable to consult your doctor if a health check-up is necessary while you are pregnant and if you do need to go for one, make sure you inform the staff as X-rays could potentially increase the risk of birth defects (especially if you received a large number of abdominal X-rays over a short period of time), although chances are low. 

Booking an appointment for a health check-up in Singapore

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Choose from a range of basic to comprehensive and specialised check up packages depending on your needs, health status and risk assessment. Find out more about our health check-ups and get in touch with us to make an appointment. 

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