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Which Health Screening Package Is Most Ideal For Me?

Prevention is always better than cure, and health check-ups play an important role in keeping Singaporeans in good health through early detection and diagnosis of health conditions. Learn more about Thomson Wellth’s various health screening packages, and choose the one most suited to your needs.

Basic Check-Ups

A basic health screening package provides a general overview about one’s health, based on key health indicators such as blood counts, sugar levels, urinalysis, and cholesterol levels. Patients will undergo a medical consultation and examination with review, Body Index Analysis, Urine and Stool Analysis, as well as chest X-ray, ECG tests, and blood tests. 

Thomson Wellth has 3 options within the Basic range, with the Lite package being ideal for young adults in their 20s seeking a simple baseline screening, while the Essentials and Vitality packages offer additional screening such as tumour marker tests as well as more detailed urinalysis for those in their 30s. Basic health screening serves as an affordable way for those in good health and with no family history of conditions to start cultivating a habit of regular health screening.

Wellness Check-Ups

The Wellness health screening packages, consisting of the Wellness Package and Wellness Plus Package, add additional investigations to those included in the Basic package, such as treadmill ECG tests, bone mass density measurement, as well as ultrasound tests for various organs in patients’ bodies. These tests help detect underlying issues such as osteoporosis and various cancers, allowing patients to take action to treat these conditions. The Wellness Package and Wellness Plus Package are most ideal for patients over age 30 who are generally healthy, yet desire an increased level of security and assurance from their health check-ups.

Comprehensive Check-Ups

The Comprehensive health screening packages are Thomson Wellth’s flagship range of health check-ups, providing the utmost in screening to detect a wide range of conditions. In addition to the tests and investigations featured in the Wellness check-ups, these full health screenings include additional tests specially developed to detect risk factors for conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer, amongst others.

Depending on choice of package, additional tests include hormone profile screening to assess hormones associated with aging and metabolism, specific ultrasound scans for men and women to detect sex-specific diseases, along with MRI and CT scans on major organs to detect common and degenerative diseases. Our Comprehensive health screening packages, including our Comprehensive Package, Platinum Package and Platinum Enhanced Package, are most recommended for middle-aged Singaporeans above age 40, those who have a family history of hereditary diseases, or simply seeking assurance for a clean bill of health in the midpoint of their lives. 

Specialised Check-Ups

In addition to full health screening in Singapore, Thomson Wellth also offers Specialised tests to screen for and diagnose conditions specific to both men and women. For example, our Pink of Health package is designed to detect various cancers affecting women, facilitating early treatment which greatly increases the chance of survival and full recovery. It includes mammogram tests for breast cancer, pap smear test for cervical cancer, X-ray tests for lung cancer, as well as ultrasound tests for various cancers.

Thomson Wellth also provides other services, such as a Pre-Marital health screening package to screen for thalassemia traits and underlying infections in both men and women that may affect pregnancy in couples planning to have a child. We also offer osteoporosis screening as well as both andropause and menopause management to ease the transition process and management of symptoms.

Seeking to undergo a full health screening in Singapore? Visit our website to find out more and get in touch with us today.

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