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Why Regular Health Screenings Are Important Amidst COVID-19

COVID-19 has left an impact on all our lives, such as staying at home for extended periods of time and reducing outdoor activities. However, we should still stay vigilant on our health in other areas, beyond focusing on avoiding infection from COVID-19. Here are some reasons why you should still go for regular health screenings in Singapore even amidst the pandemic.

You may still be at risk of other chronic conditions.

With the constant attention to COVID-19, many people forget that chronic conditions can still arise and significantly impact one’s health and quality of life. In particular for individuals with existing health conditions or a family history of diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, amongst others; it is essential that you maintain regular health checkups to detect these conditions and seek treatment or lifestyle changes to prevent them from growing in severity.

Thomson Wellth’s full health screening packages include tests that measure bone mass density, hormonal profile, and various cancers that affect men and women separately, in addition to basic tests such as blood, urine, ECG, and Body Index Analysis (BIA). Together, these tests provide a comprehensive overview of your health, and allow you to take timely action to stay in continued health.

You may have poorer health and fitness due to a sedentary lifestyle.

With the constant changes in regulations and hassle of going out with masks, many Singaporeans have opted to stay indoors for extended periods of time, only going out to handle errands or meet friends. The rise of working from home has also contributed to a sedentary lifestyle, along with greater stress from work and family responsibilities, which can lead to a decrease in health and fitness. This can result in one not only being more vulnerable to COVID-19, but other health conditions as well.

Following a health screening session, your doctor can suggest helpful lifestyle tips to improve your health, such as simple exercises you can do at home, consuming a balanced diet, and coping strategies for stress and uncertainty. Thomson Wellth also offers a variety of preventive medical services to keep you in good health. You may choose to top up your health screening visit at our Singapore clinic with a flu or dengue vaccination to stay healthy and protect your loved ones.

You may want reassurance after recovering from COVID-19.

While research on the long-term effects of recovering from COVID-19 is still ongoing, they are purported to include fatigue, shortness of breath, chest or stomach pain, heart palpitations, changes in smell or taste, as well as joints or muscle pain, amongst others. These effects have been known to affect individuals of various ages and backgrounds, and may increase the likelihood of developing chronic conditions. 

To put your mind at ease, arranging for a full health screening in Singapore allows you to get a comprehensive overview of your health following a recovery from COVID-19. If there are any issues, your doctor will let you know and facilitate the treatment process by getting in touch with medical specialists.

In addition to health screening, Thomson Wellth also provides serology tests for Singaporeans to feel at ease regarding their vaccinations. You have the option of either a S Antibody or CPASS test. The S Antibody Test helps to measure the antibody levels as a result of your COVID-19 vaccine, whereas the CPASS test determines your immunity against COVID-19 by measuring the presence of neutralising antibodies as a result of your COVID-19 vaccine. You are recommended to book your first test a month after your second vaccine dose, and a second test five months later. For those who have taken a booster shot, you may schedule a third test a month after your booster shot.

Want to find out more about health screening in Singapore? Visit our website to see our various packages and included tests.

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