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Why Singaporeans Should Go For Regular Health Screenings

From watching our diets to an active lifestyle, we all want to cherish our health and lead long and fulfilling lives. An often neglected area in contributing to your holistic health is undergoing regular health screening tests, which provide invaluable information about your health and overall condition. Read on to learn how Singaporeans can benefit from regular health screenings.

Why Singaporeans Should Go For Regular Health Screenings 1

They provide early detection and diagnosis.

Health screening tests allow you to find out if you may have an underlying condition, even if you are not currently experiencing or exhibiting any symptoms or signs. Prevention is always better than cure, and early detection combined with treatment and proper control can lead to better outcomes, lowers the risk of serious complications, and possibly cure the condition.
Singaporeans are generally at a higher risk for chronic conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and Type II diabetes. Left unchecked, these conditions can greatly affect one’s quality of life. Health screening tests in Singapore are classified into three categories, category one, two and three to guide medical professionals in providing appropriate screening.

A basic screening test comprises blood pressure check, measuring sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as urine and stool analysis, amongst others. These tests provide a broad overview of your health, with the option for more comprehensive packages as required.

They are tailored towards your age and gender.

As we age, our bodies do not function as well compared to our youth, along with the tendency to lead sedentary lifestyles and gain weight. This makes us more susceptible to developing chronic and potentially fatal conditions. Middle-aged men are at greater risk of contracting colorectal, liver, and prostate cancer, while women are at greater risk of cervical and breast cancer. In addition, there are conditions that affect men and women differently, such as andropause and menopause.

Thomson Wellth Centre’s The Pink Of Health screening package covers the top few most common cancers that affect women in Singapore, allowing for early detection and treatment to help save lives. It includes tests such as a pap smear, fecal occult blood test, and a mammogram, amongst other comprehensive tests. 

Couples planning to have children are encouraged to undergo our Pre-Marital Screening Package, which screens for thalassemia traits and other infections that can affect pregnancy. With thalassemia being an inherited blood disorder, early detection allows you to understand potential risks to both the child and pregnant mother.

Undergoing screening tests for andropause and menopause allows older individuals to handle their onset and symptoms with greater confidence and ease. They are also recommended to screen for aging-related conditions, such as bone density tests to detect osteoporosis and vision tests to detect glaucoma. Thomson Wellth offers a range of health screening packages at affordable prices for patients across various age ranges and health conditions, allowing you to purchase the package best suited to your needs.

They can potentially save your life.

A common misconception that many young and fit adults have is that health screening is only for older Singaporeans. However, individuals with a family history of cardiovascular disease, stroke, or diabetes may be at higher risk of developing them, regardless if one is young or athletic.

Generally, individuals under 30 years of age need to only go for a health screening every two years or so, following which it is encouraged to go for an annual screening. Do consult with your doctor as to the ideal frequency as well as the full scope of tests that you should undergo.

Visit our website to learn more about Thomson Wellth’s health screening packages, and enjoy both health and wellness for you and your loved ones.

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